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It is one thing to know what’s good for you – it’s quite another to actually make those healthy habits stick. Far too often, we have an abstract idea of following some healthy habits, only to them abandon them a few days or weeks after starting.

What’s worse, it doesn’t necessarily help to know that abandoning these healthy habits is a bad thing. On the contrary, that knowledge can make you feel even guiltier about doing so, and fear of that guilty feeling of failure can keep you from even trying in the first place.

Thankfully, with these tips, you’ll have a better chance to finally make those healthy habits stick.

Make Them Enjoyable

Mary Poppins may not have been a workout guru, but her adage that “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down” certainly applies here. If you hate every living second of your workout routine, chances are you won’t stick to it. 

Finding a way to make working out enjoyable is thus a huge key to making the habit last. 

Make Them Accessible

One of the unfortunate truths about those of us that skimp on our exercise regimens and healthy routines is that we often look for excuses to do so. 

It’s too hard. The gym’s too far away. You’re too tired. “Just this once…”

If we were as good at sticking to our healthy habits as making excuses not to follow them, articles like these wouldn’t exist. That said, they do exist, because our excuses exist, many of which are rooted in inaccessibility imagined or otherwise. The harder a task seems, the less likely you are to follow through on it.

Make exercise and healthy eating habits accessible. If you like to nosh throughout the day, instead of junk food, keep healthy snacks nearby. Instead of elaborate workout routines, go for something small and accessible like power walks or 15-minute cardio sessions. Have friends check up on you and hold you accountable.

With these small yet effective tweaks, you stand a much greater chance of finally making those healthy habits stick once and for all.