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The tradition of breaking one’s New Year’s Resolutions is nearly as universal as setting them in the first place. As one year ends and a new one begins, we feel a sense that we suddenly have a “clean slate” and “a whole year in front of us” to accomplish whatever we set our minds to doing. Of course, we can get started on goals for the next 365 days at any point in the year, but the allure of New Year’s remains – even if the resolutions themselves don’t.

Many such resolutions involve workout routines. You make a resolution to make this the year you “get fit,” and then promptly drop your routine a couple of weeks into the new year. However, with these tips, you’ll have a better chance of sticking to your resolution to pursue a fitter lifestyle, whenever you choose to make it.

Motivate Yourself

You won’t be able to change anything if you aren’t motivated to do so. The most important factor in starting, maintaining, or getting back into a workout routine is self-motivation. 

An important factor in this is setting attainable goals. If you feel you aren’t making progress, you likely won’t remain motivated to continue working out. That’s more likely with lofty, unrealistic goals. Set short-term, attainable goals, and motivate yourself towards them daily.

Set Attainable Routines

You also want to be sure that you’re forming attainable, easily repeatable routines. The more you have to work to maintain a given workout routine, the less likely you are to do so. Routines that involve elaborate setups or driving to far-away gyms are often less effective than regular walks around your home or doing a bit of light cardio and weight lifting at the same time every day.

Gradual Change

You aren’t going to go from your present state to Simone Biles or Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight. Moreover, setting such a high bar is a perfect example of an unrealistic standard that’s almost certain to end in failure. Instead, you want to aim for gradual, sustainable changes over time to both your body and your workout routine.

Make your next fitness-related resolution stick with sustainable tips such as these.