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Few forces characterize the commercial world today quite like personalization. From purses to iPods, T-shirts to trainers, digital and physical devices alike, we live in a world where companies big and small understand the most effective marketing plans are often personalized ones.

For as much as we associate personalization with business, however, it has also begun to see greater incorporation into the world of health and fitness. Health tracking apps and Fitbits keep track of personal workout statistics, allowing you to personalize your workout more than ever before.

However, the future of health and fitness may take personalization even further, including potential forays into DNA information.

Personalized Training

Of course, personalized workouts are nothing new. Even those of us who can’t afford the services of a personal trainer often take it upon ourselves to personalize our workouts. 

What makes this different is the extent to which Fitbits and the analytics they provide can be incorporated into your routine. Rather than simply “eyeball it” and make educated guesses about what type of workouts would be best for you today and in what proportion, these analytics can give you precise information about your present and potential fitness. Not only can they be used to track how much progress you’ve made and where you sit at present, but they can likewise project optimal fitness goals and tell you what you need to do to achieve them.

DNA Data

Even so, these Fitbits and analytics are just the beginning. Some see the real revolution about to begin in the form of unprecedented bio readouts. DNA tests following workouts could, in the future, be paired with details such as the future descendants of Fitbit-style health trackers to give greater insight into your wellness than ever before. Such technology could be able to break down your health to a genetic level, allowing wearables such as the Fitbits of the future a degree of info about your health and wellness until now typically reserved for doctors and DNA tests.

Why not? As with so many other industries, personalization is in the fitness world’s very DNA.