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Whether you revel in the artistry of ice skating and gymnastics at the Olympics or get excited about any number of athletic contests, the chances are good that there’s at least one or two sports which excite you. But how often does that excitement turn into actual exercise? For as much as we may love sports, how often do we take the extra step to play them?

When we’re younger, doing so is easier. We get the time set aside to do so in school and through various programs. When we’re adults, however, we lose that structure. Unless you’re the next star athlete, you may find yourself lacking the structure, ease of access, and thus motivation to play sports.

That’s a shame, because playing sports may be your best shot at staying fit.

A Pre-Set Routine

As stated, structure and routine are part of what makes sports accessible for kids in the first place. It’s also a large part of what makes them one of the best chances to stay fit. Working out occasionally won’t do much for you. For real results, you need to maintain the same routine day after day, week after week, and sports make that much easier.

Setting up events like weekly pickup basketball games with friends or picking regular days to hit a few balls on the tennis court can drastically improve your commitment to a pre-set routine, which in turn can help you realise more sustainable progress towards your fitness goals.

The Enjoyability Factor

What’s more, shooting some hoops or playing a few rounds of tennis is often a lot more enjoyable than exercising in a stuffy out-of-the-way gym with neighbours. The more you enjoy something, the more likely you are to stick with it. What’s more, the competitive factor can compel you to try that much harder.

Sports provide all these workout advantages, making them one of your best chances to score a personal fitness win.